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Do you need small quantity of Pure powder of Drugs ?
You come to the right place.
- for Research Projects.
- Producing Diagnostic Discs.
- Drug Delivery Systems.
- Making Medical Preparations.
- R&D New Drugs.
- Use as Analysis References.
21CEC R&D Special Service

Special supply for Scientists/Laboratories/ Institutions.High Quality Pharmaceutic- als (Pure powder).Fast delivery to your Lab. Free shipment for R&D worldwide (shipment period usually 5-10 workdays).

High Quality is the Key!

We supplied
-Harvard (USA)
-Duke (USA)
-Fluka (Switzerland)
-Bayer (Germany)
-Hexal (Germany)
etc world famous institutions/companies.

Our experts would help our global clients what is the best they need.

We are always here for you!

What we do? - Special Support to

We Supply High Quality Pure Powder of All Anti-Cancer , Antibiotics and Other Therapeutic Pharmaceut- icals (in USP/EuP/BP Standards) for Laboratories/Institutions/Universities/Companies  who are doing the following works:

Medical Research

R&D New Drugs or Making Medical Preparations

Drug Delivery Systems

Producing Diagnostic Discs

Why Choose us -

12 years professional experience
Our experts would help our global clients what is the best they need.
Wide range sourcing
We have High quality pharmaceuticals contract manufacturing worldwide.
Free shipping worldwide
fast deliver to your laboratory directly.
Small quantity
- to save your research expense.You can order from 100mg to 1gm up to 10kg fit to your need.

Payment 30 days after delivery
for Universities and our long term clients!

High quality
We supplied world famous institutions/companies.

How to Contact us?

We are a UK company registered in England since 2003. with US Office, Canada Office.To get a quote by E-mail:   (The best way to get the price, COA etc)

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by Fax:

+1 323 843 9307(USA), +44 207 900 6565(UK)

by Toll-Free Phone:

+1 800 651 5787 (USA)

Address:Archer House, Britland Estate, Northbourne Road, Eastbourne,East Sussex BN22 8PW, UK
TEL: +44 1323 767654 FAX: +44 207 900 6565
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